German teen camp

by Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats

Wow! It’s been busy these days around Holsby. German, German and more German =) We kicked off August with our two-week German teen camp, which was a big success.

Through it all – canoeing, a day at the water park, Bible teaching, singing around the campfire, the ropes course, loads of fun and much much more, Jesus changed people’s lives. Oftentimes, one of the difficulties of working at a camp is that groups will come for only a day or maybe three days at a time, and sometimes it can be hard to see change in people during their time here. For the shorter camps, we’re responsible in sharing the love and truth of Jesus and then we trust Him that He will grow the seeds that are planted here.

But when it comes to the longer camps such as this last one, we get a special treat as staff. Throughout the two weeks of camp we get to see the very clear work of God in the hearts of the youth, and it is truly awesome! We get to know the kids in a deeper way and get the chance to invest in them personally.

This past week, we saw kids come to know the Lord and make a decision to follow Him with their lives. Many of the youth were not “church-goers” and had never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Like I said before: this camp was a huge success as we saw Jesus change people’s lives. Praise the Lord with us and please pray for the youth who have committed their lives to Christ for the first time!

Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats

About Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats

Aware of it or not, a life with God is something all people deeply desire - the creation meeting its Creator. By God’s grace, as a young adult this longing was fulfilled. I found God waiting for me. My desire is to see people, young and old, satisfy their deepest yearning and come to God. I can tell you a few things about myself. First, I’m a huge fan of my wife Trista, who is the coolest and funniest person ever! She is my gift from God. I have twins Huxley and Hazel with one on the way. Being a papa is a rewarding adventure and it's getting better with every new stage of developement. In addition to this, I can never get enough of sports and adventure. I love playing sports or games that have me running around, getting exercise and having fun with people! I also enjoy hanging out in God’s playground - the great outdoors, lounging with people, playing ‘board’ games, and competing... in anything. On top of this, I love my job here at Holsby! I’m responsible for directing the camps and retreats part of the ministry. I get to go to “work” outside on the ropes course, hang out with youth and adults, teach, go on all kinds of adventures and the list goes on. That’s me!

21. August 2012 by Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats
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