by Donna Schoon - Support Staff

The music was magnificent, the simplicity of the message most moving. God So Loved the World … shared in eight different languages represented by our international students. Prayer in a huge circle spreading all around the huge sanctuary, trusting God to bless the evening and let HIS truths be known.

Yes, we were back once again in Alseda Kyrka for our traditional Julkonsert (Christmas concert). The students were awestruck when they first entered the high-ceilinged sanctuary with its inimitable acoustics. The choir, under the very capable leadership of Kristi-Anna Eldridge, shared four songs, the first (“African Alleluia”) while walking with lit candles down the aisles of the church.

Besides musical presentations by both students and staff, a black-light hand drama depicted with strong affirmation how much we are valued by the Lord of all the earth – not because of who we are, but because of Who He is and what He has done!

The Julkonsert is always a brilliant performance. But we come away from there with a special joy when we know the message of the love of God our Father sending Jesus to this earth for the salvation of all mankind has been communicated! Mid-point in the concert, John Poysti shared about this great and unlimited love.

God so loved the world

that He gave His one and only Son …

John 3:16

A wonderful fika with fellowship was held afterwards in the dining rooms of Brunnsgården. The surrounding community was well represented.

Tables filled with delectable delights surprised the students a few days later – Holsby’s traditional “Julbord.” It’s always fun to hear the initial responses as the doors to the dining rooms are opened and they walk in to see what has taken all day to prepare! John opened the evening by declaring, “Let’s sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.”

May we take this opportunity to wish you and yours a blessed and meaningful Christmas!! JESUS is the greatest Gift ever given!!

Donna Schoon - Support Staff

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Being in ministry in and around Holsby for about half of my life has been a true joy and I’ve grown in the process. My role is smaller, but it is still an encouragement to be a part of the whole picture – doing a wee bit of teaching, participating with students in the Österliden outreach and hosting a family group during the school year. Correspondence with Holsby friends around the world, as well as other contacts, keeps my computer going many hours a week – as does keeping our home open to those who want to come. Our family includes 2 children, 5 grands, and 4 great-grands (with one on the way). Wally is my husband, and Psalm 70:4 is our verse.

13. December 2012 by Donna Schoon - Support Staff
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  1. Reading this warmed my heart. Not having had this particular experience while at Holsby I could use my imagination as to how special it was and I loved seeing a few in the pictures that I know. Thanks for sharing this time with the Holsby family. Holsby has left “footprints on my heart forever”