Holsby Spring Scavenger Hunt

by Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

We are well into our two-month spring term, which began with a photo scavenger hunt requiring some thought and creativity from nine family groups trying to capture and complete fifty different photo challenges around campus. As you watch this video of top shots, see if you can check off these different challenges and maybe remember some of your own laughable moments at Holsby.

Something dirty

Something little

Something noisy

An elephant

Your reflection

Your shadows in the air

No feet on the ground

Everyone balanced on a tie

Want to call home? Everyone hop in!

Burn baby burn

Something old and weathered

Salute to the Swedish flag

Right hands on the well

A goatee

Our theme verse (Joshua 1:9)

A toddler not your own

A secret

Picture with Elke

Go back to your childhood and “slide” down memory lane together

Everyone in a scarf


Soles with all in


Your first


Farthinder (Swedish will help for this one)

A snowman making a sand castle

A candid shot

Abbey Road

Sleeping Beauty’s cottage


Kiss the pinky ring of the director—your elder

Spell out HOLSBY

King of Brunnsgården Hill

Something that makes you feel happy

Up a tree without a paddle

Hugging a beautiful Swede

Recreating history

Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

About Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

One of my favorite words when thinking about the Christian journey is the word “discovery.” When departing every moment of every day in dependence on Jesus Christ, one discovers a worthwhile adventure that defines authentic Christianity. The gospel saves us and the gospel grows us, and that is what excites me about life and what takes place on a daily basis at Holsby in the lives of students, staff, and guests. The Lord has blessed me to enjoy this journey with my wonderful wife Cheryl and our and our children Emmalise, Ember and Hudson. I met Cheryl while serving as an English teacher in Mongolia, where we then spent our first year of marriage and later returned to her home in southern Kansas to work on the family farm. I grew up in Colorado at a Torchbearer school by the name of Ravencrest, which instilled in me a love for the Torchbearers ministry that has now led us to Holsby. On our irresponsible days we enjoy about anything related to sports and the outdoors. I particularly enjoy a good soccer game, being on a mountain trail, catching up on a good book at the café, or any type of casual time with friends and family. I also enjoy an occasional blow on the bagpipes when there is an eager ear to hear.

30. April 2013 by Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal
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