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It was almost 9:30 on a Sunday morning! Contractions, two minutes apart, hit without too much warning. Jonathan was scheduled to speak in the morning worship service in the Chapel. Trista called him in his office and related what was happening. Not much more than a half hour later, they were on their way to the hospital in Eksjö (40 minutes away), having met three staff mammas by their car, who each took one of the Miller children.


Jonathan calculated the time of birth at 2 hours and 17 minutes after Trista’s first contraction! And all the morning’s happenings came after a full night of sleep! What a blessing! Trista recounted more blessings as she shared about that eventful morning – contractions began before the morning service so Jonathan was readily available, and the other mothers had not yet left for their churches but were still at home. God’s timing was so perfect!!

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Little Ofelia Rose was named after Jonathan’s grandmother (a loving woman of God), and she also shares Trista’s middle name.

NAME:  Ofelia Rose Miller

DATE:  25 January 2015

TIME:  11:47 a.m.

WEIGHT:  3180 grams (about 7 lbs., 1 oz.)

LENGTH:  49 cm. (about 19 in.)

PARENTS:  Jonathan & Trista Miller

SIBLINGS:  Huxley, Hazel, & Nox

The name Ofelia means “help.” A baby is totally trusting – they can do nothing on their own. They breathe and wiggle, eat, and sleep. But as they grow older, they begin to be aware of the need for help and begin to ask in order to obtain their goals. We know little Ofelia will grow up being taught that God wants to be her Helper in all things – and that HE is worthy of her trust. The verse in the Psalms says it so simply:

Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, 

The Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2



CONGRATULATIONS, Miller family, on the birth of little Ofelia Rose!! We pray she will grow into girl who loves Jesus and a woman who is faithful to HIM!

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Donna Schoon - Support Staff

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Being in ministry in and around Holsby for about half of my life has been a true joy and I’ve grown in the process. My role is smaller, but it is still an encouragement to be a part of the whole picture – doing a wee bit of teaching, participating with students in the Österliden outreach and hosting a family group during the school year. Correspondence with Holsby friends around the world, as well as other contacts, keeps my computer going many hours a week – as does keeping our home open to those who want to come. Our family includes 2 children, 5 grands, and 4 great-grands (with one on the way). Wally is my husband, and Psalm 70:4 is our verse.

03. February 2015 by Donna Schoon - Support Staff
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