First Holsby online applicant

by Christine Poysti

Just two short weeks ago, we told you about our new online application system. Now I am happy to tell you that for the first time in Holsby’s history, a student has applied and been officially accepted using this online application.

EmilyOur principal, Luke Thomas, likens the change from paper to online applications to changing from drying your clothes on a clothesline to using an electric dryer. Well, as the registrar here at Holsby, I am happy to be finally using the “electric dryer method!” After all, we are all accustomed to filling out applications of various kinds online and not having to wait a long time for a reply.


Our first student is Emily from Austin, TX. Her older sister, Anna, is a student at Holsby this year and now Emily has decided that she would also like to experience the great community at Holsby and to study God’s Word with students from around the globe. Anna, in turn, heard about Holsby through their aunt, who is a friend of mine from my university days. This is how most of our students hear about Holsby and decide to apply. One of our students tells a classmate, who tells their uncle, who tells their grandson, who comes to Holsby and goes back home to tell a cousin, who tells… I think you can fill in the rest of the story, because so many of you have been a part of this kind of chain. So, please pass on the news about Holsby to the people that you rub shoulders with. We would love to have a full house of students next school year – and every year!

Gift voucher 2

As a prize for being the first student to apply online, Emily will receive a 100 kronor voucher to be used in the Bik (Holsby’s kiosk filled with lots of goodies). Emily: your voucher is here waiting for you when you arrive in September!

Christine Poysti

About Christine Poysti

Who would have thought that after over 20 years I would return to the country of my birth! I certainly never did! But sometimes the Lord directs our paths in a way that we could never have imagined. We came to Sweden in February 2005 when my husband, John, became the director of Holsby. After having raised three incredible daughters, we now enjoy being grandparents. So far we have four wonderful grandsons, two in Seattle, WA and two in Winnipeg, MB. At Holsby I work in the office as the registrar. My main responsibility is to take the students through the application process, answer all their questions and facilitate their transition to life here at the school. In my free time you may find me curled up in the couch reading a good book or a home decorating magazine. I also love to work in the yard, growing flowers and edible things and spending time with people. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. As we delight in the Lord, His desires will become ours and they cannot help but be realized!

22. April 2015 by Christine Poysti
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