Holsby Resurrection Day Outreach

by Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

We are halfway through our much-enjoyed Spring School with long, sunny days and new growth beginning to show on all the trees. This year Spring School began with the celebration of Easter and a much-needed reminder that though the bodily appearance of Jesus was a benefit to those early followers, we are at no disadvantage, because Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Fika and fellowship over a display of the empty tomb was what launched us into Spring School, but the message of the resurrection has continued to be our celebration and hope.


Resurrection Day fika in the Chapel


Empty tomb centerpiece on each table

This last week, we sought to capture the significance of the resurrection by looking at these four “harmonizing voices”: the resurrection of hope, the resurrection of the spirit, the resurrection of the body and the resurrection of life together. With each “voice” there was an image that helped us internalize what is very real but not yet complete and, at times, beyond the reality of our tangible human experience.

The cross pictured below has various Old Testament prophecies nailed to it that Jews would have expected their Messiah to fulfill. When Jesus was crucified, all hope of Him fulfilling these prophecies was lost until His resurrection three days later.


Hope is restored three days after the cross

Based off of 1 Corinthians 15:20-28, the graveyard scene symbolizes the final death of God’s enemies and all that is contrary to what He intended for His creation. Christ’s triumph over death turns this graveyard into a place of rejoicing.


“Graveyard” in the forest representing victory over death

On the final day, we took the message of the resurrection into town and surveyed over 300 people on what they thought about death and the resurrection of Jesus. Along with the survey, we handed out cards that the students had made, along with their personal stories of how God has changed their lives. On the front of the card is written, “Have you ever been glad that something is empty?” When opened up, one sees the empty tomb and Jesus’ words, “I have come to give you life and life abundantly…I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live…” The student testimonies were then rolled up behind the empty tomb.


Students making cards for distribution in Vetlanda


Jesus said: “I came that they might have life.”

You will see the results of the survey below, and as you read through the results and finish your fika break, I ask that you pray for Sweden and the 340 individuals who received a resurrection card. There were a handful of meaningful conversations and individuals who genuinely said that if the resurrection of Jesus is true, then it would change their life. Pray that what has been planted in their lives through these cards and testimonies, would grow to become decisions to follow Jesus, our hope and resurrection.

Results of the Survey

1. Do you think there is life after death?

Yes: 128

No: 75

Don’t know: 26

2. Christians believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead? Do you agree or disagree?

Agree: 91

Disagree: 99

Don’t know: 29

3. If Jesus did rise from the dead, what would that mean for you?

Not much: 126

I might read the Bible to find out more about Jesus: 33

It would change my life and how I think about life: 49

Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

About Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

One of my favorite words when thinking about the Christian journey is the word “discovery.” When departing every moment of every day in dependence on Jesus Christ, one discovers a worthwhile adventure that defines authentic Christianity. The gospel saves us and the gospel grows us, and that is what excites me about life and what takes place on a daily basis at Holsby in the lives of students, staff, and guests. The Lord has blessed me to enjoy this journey with my wonderful wife Cheryl and our and our children Emmalise, Ember and Hudson. I met Cheryl while serving as an English teacher in Mongolia, where we then spent our first year of marriage and later returned to her home in southern Kansas to work on the family farm. I grew up in Colorado at a Torchbearer school by the name of Ravencrest, which instilled in me a love for the Torchbearers ministry that has now led us to Holsby. On our irresponsible days we enjoy about anything related to sports and the outdoors. I particularly enjoy a good soccer game, being on a mountain trail, catching up on a good book at the café, or any type of casual time with friends and family. I also enjoy an occasional blow on the bagpipes when there is an eager ear to hear.

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