NOT JUST 2nd …  BUT EVEN 3rd!!

by Donna Schoon - Support Staff

One of my favorite subjects to write about is the second generation students who come to Holsby. After being able to share all these years of history and God’s great work in individual lives at “Fackelbärarna,” there is great joy to see that HIS truth is being shared from generation to generation.

Waffles with Wally and Donna

Waffles with Wally and Donna

This year we have not only two “2nd Gens,” but also two “3rd Gens”!! We had the privilege of hosting them last week in our home for the traditional waffle supper. We had such an awesome time reminiscing and reflecting, laughing and rejoicing! We could have continued a lot longer, but it was time for evening lectures to begin!

Come and meet these lovely young people, and learn a bit more about them through their answers to a couple of questions:

Who/what influenced you to come to Holsby?

What are your expectations for this year?

Morgan McCornack

Morgan McCornack

MORGAN MCCORNACK, from Bellingham WA (USA) is one of our first ever “3rd Gens.” Both her parents attended Holsby – Scott McCornack in 1982-83, and Diana Lilja McCornack in 1986-87. (A couple of her aunts also attended – Sharlyn McCornack Roberts and Dawn McCornack Woyke). In the spring of Scott’s school year, his parents – Jerry and Greta McCornack – attended the spring term as well. Jerry, who is now with the Lord, was a retired pastor and simply desired to have some extended weeks of being refreshed with God’s Word! They were a wonderful addition to that school term. Morgan shares:

  • I have wanted to travel since I was 8. Strangely enough, Holsby was not my first choice, but I’m so glad I came here. Part of my influence to come was seeing how Bible school really changed my sister.
  • For this year, I want to have a better understanding of the Bible and what I believe on my own, not just what comes from my parents. I want a deeper relationship with God, and better foundation in my life.
Eryk Schoon

Eryk Schoon

ERYK SCHOON (a.k.a. ERIC) was born in Sweden, and lived at Holsby until he was 7. Then as a family, they moved to China where they spent the next 8-1/2 years. Now the family is in Chico CA (USA) until all the kids are out of high school, and then the Lord knows what the next step will be. Eryk’s “3rd Gen” status is a bit different – and you notice his last name is Schoon. Yes, he is our grandson! Although never students in a Holsby classroom, Wally and I have been at Holsby since its inception, with various roles to serve – the current one being that of support staff. Eryk’s parents were both students, but in different years – Ric Schoon in 1983-84, and Keli Hignell Schoon in 1987-88. Ric and Keli met at Holsby when Ric was on staff for Keli’s school year. Keli also worked summer staff in 1989. Together they joined Swedish Torchbearers in 1993, and directed Holsby’s ministry from 1994-2004. Eryk’s response to the questions …:

  • I really had no influence from home on my decision to come here, but Holsby has been so much a part of my life that there was no reason I would NOT come back!
  • There are few places in the world where one can get as much in-depth Scripture study as at a Torchbearer Bible school. I, being a seeker of knowledge, came to create a stepping stone for the rest of my life. It will give me a foundation on which I may build my “floor,” as to know how high I may truly build my “roof.” I want to be able to both gain and give the most in the short life I live.
Dainer Duff-Dings

Dainer Duff-Dings

DAINER DUFF-DINGS comes from Bellevue WA (USA). Dainer’s parents – Kenny Dings and Doreen Duff-Dings –  also began their relationship at Holsby in their student year, 1978–79. (Holsby Bible School has also included other family members – Dainer’s sister, Dania Duff-Dings, and Kenny’s sister and her husband who met here as well – Claes Paulsson and Kathleen Dings Paulsson). Dainer went right to the point in answering the questions:

  • I had the choice to move out or come to Bible school! I wanted to go a ways away also. My sister really had an influence on my coming here.
  • I would like to be strengthened both physically and mentally. And I would like to strengthen my knowledge of the Bible – I never really cared before. I want to know HIS Word, know where I can find certain verses, etc. Would love to be able to “argue” the truths of HIS Word.

Rachelle Collins

RACHELLE COLLINS is our Canadian “2nd Gen,” hailing from Abbotsford BC. Her mom, Carol Fast Collins, attended Holsby in 1982-83. It’s always good to be honest, and so Rachelle was as she answered the questions:

  • Because my mom went here, I really didn’t want to come to Holsby. I was thinking of Greece, but that was only 5 weeks of Bible school. So I came here anyway and it’s really great! I’m so glad I’m here!
  • When I first came, my thoughts were that I wanted to be changed and transformed. But then I realized I was making it all about me. I want to make my life more about God and where HE wants to take me. Then I will focus more on HIM and let HIM work in me.

We are totally delighted to have these young people in this year’s student body. I’ve paraphrased a verse for you (and your classmates as well) from the Old Testament. These words are my prayer for you …

I pray that you will daily choose HIS Life,
So that you may live!
I pray you may love the Lord you God,
Listen to HIS voice,
And hold fast to HIM.
For the Lord is your LIFE!!
Deuteronomy 30:19b-20a
Donna Schoon - Support Staff

About Donna Schoon - Support Staff

Being in ministry in and around Holsby for about half of my life has been a true joy and I’ve grown in the process. My role is smaller, but it is still an encouragement to be a part of the whole picture – doing a wee bit of teaching, participating with students in the Österliden outreach and hosting a family group during the school year. Correspondence with Holsby friends around the world, as well as other contacts, keeps my computer going many hours a week – as does keeping our home open to those who want to come. Our family includes 2 children, 5 grands, and 4 great-grands (with one on the way). Wally is my husband, and Psalm 70:4 is our verse.

26. October 2015 by Donna Schoon - Support Staff
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  1. Such fun stories! I hope they have the most wonderful of years at Holsby, just like I did. In like manner, I was recently thinking what a fun surprise it is to me that the son of one of my best friends during my Holsby experience became one of the best friends of my daughter during hers. Who knows how God will weave the threads of our lives, eh? ; ) (That “eh” is in honor of our Canadian family : ) May God continue His good work thru Holsby for generations to come- or until He comes again!

  2. I so enjoyed reading this entry Donna. I remember you and your wonderful hospitality when I was at Holsby. (77-78) I\\’m sending you my daughter Linnea next year. She\\’s dreamed of going to Holsby for a very long time. I can see that Holsby is still a place where people grow and flourish in Gods word. Heidi