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Opportunities to serve at Holsby

by John Poysti - Director

In the 11 years that I have had the privilege of directing the work here at Holsby, we have had more than 400 staff members serve in various volunteer or paid positions. Some have been here for a matter of weeks or months, others have been here for 15 years and counting. All have contributed to making Holsby a special place of spiritual growth and blessing.

Holsby volunteers

Holsby volunteers

Each year, many seasonal volunteer positions need to be filled, and we urge you to contact us if you would like to invest your time and talents in this ministry for the spring and summer season of camps and retreats, or if you would like to serve a bit longer and help during the Bible school term. Click here for more information: Volunteer Opportunities

Holsby Campus

Holsby Campus

From time to time, we also need to fill longer-term positions that require a higher level of experience and more of a time commitment. We presently have two such openings, which may be of interest to you or someone you could recommend to us.

Accounting/Staff Services Coordinator: We are looking for someone who can commit to serving for a minimum of two years as our accounting/staff services coordinator. You should have some experience in accounting and a general understanding of finances/bookkeeping, as well as the ability to manage a variety of office tasks. For more details, click here: Accounting/Staff Services job description

Maintenance Assistant: We are looking for someone who can commit to serving for one to two years on our Holsby Maintenance Team as an assistant to our Maintenance Coordinator. For more details, click here: Maintenance Assistant job description

Because of visa considerations, our ideal candidates for the two longer-term positions above will be from the European Union. Please write to us at serve@holsby.org if you have further questions.

Holsby is a great place to serve. We would love to hear from you if you are looking for a place to serve the Lord in a friendly, fun and fulfilling environment.

Holsby Chapel

Holsby Chapel

John Poysti - Director

About John Poysti - Director

Life is good, because God is good! I can’t think of anything more fulfilling in life than to observe God transforming people more and more into the likeness of Christ, and as a result being transformed yourself – that is kingdom living at its very best. Holsby has provided me with a unique opportunity to invest in the youth of this generation as I draw on a lifetime of God’s grace and mercy with which He has blessed me. My life is further enriched by some key relationships. Christine is my best friend and faithful companion in life. And we have three beautiful daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and four fantastic grandsons who bring us more joy than we could ever deserve. Currently, I find relaxation through reading theological blogs, riding my mountain bike on forest trails, keeping my woodshed stocked and tidy, and picking or gathering whatever is edible in the forests around Holsby.

10. February 2016 by John Poysti - Director
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