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by Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

Have you figured out the numbers yet? I wouldn’t try too hard because there’s no pattern or puzzle with these numbers. Instead, prepare yourself a little fika and I’ll share with you the story that these numbers tell.

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon, and though a little breezy the sun was shining at Holsby to help us give a warm welcome to the students who would take part in our first summer Bible school. We were ready to make a start with 5 students, we were hoping for 10, but pleasantly surprised to have 23 and 1 most favored infant. In all, 8 different countries were represented.

For these students it was 3 weeks of getting away and by the end many wanted to stay away…or rather stay here. However, the first Sunday night we saw in the story of Jesus getting away with His disciples, which resulted in the feeding of the five thousand, that getting away in God’s economy involves community, navigating the unexpected with trust and gratefulness, learning to be dependent on Him, and returning home to live that out in everyday life. “Away” for our students was exactly that and with the combination of 4 lecture series, a hiking/canoeing trip, restful afternoons with optional activities, and being together over meals and games of Kubb, “away” at Holsby proved to be a refreshing time.

It was also a festive time. In the mornings and evenings students feasted on God’s word, which included teaching from the book of James, the seven letters to the Seven Churches, and a combined series on being alive in the Old and New Testaments. In just these few weeks, students found out that dining over the word of God is truly satisfying, but it also grows one’s hunger for more. And so after 44 lectures, there was a desire for more, but with that the growing readiness to go home and continue living by “every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matt 4:4).”

When it wasn’t feasting in the classroom, it was feasting in the dining room, in Jönköping, in family homes, and even in the forest where many of the students spent an afternoon picking 17 liters of blueberries. As jars of jam were taken home, so were the many memories of this first summer Bible school. However, it is more than good memories that we want to leave people with. I think this student’s comment says it well: “Summer Bible school made us realize how accurate the Bible is to nowadays and how the Bible is Alive! It brought us much closer to God, and gave us the desire to have a personal living relationship with Him.”

Holsby isn’t the answer to having a deeper relationship with Jesus, but it’s definitely a place where many people fall in love with Him again, a place where they can get away to be spiritually and physically nourished, and a place to slow down and realign one’s priorities with His. If summer Bible school is something you or someone you know would benefit from, then come join us on 7-8-2018 for what will begin the telling of our second summer Bible school. Find out more details and apply at Holsby Bible School.

Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

About Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal

One of my favorite words when thinking about the Christian journey is the word “discovery.” When departing every moment of every day in dependence on Jesus Christ, one discovers a worthwhile adventure that defines authentic Christianity. The gospel saves us and the gospel grows us, and that is what excites me about life and what takes place on a daily basis at Holsby in the lives of students, staff, and guests. The Lord has blessed me to enjoy this journey with my wonderful wife Cheryl and our and our children Emmalise, Ember and Hudson. I met Cheryl while serving as an English teacher in Mongolia, where we then spent our first year of marriage and later returned to her home in southern Kansas to work on the family farm. I grew up in Colorado at a Torchbearer school by the name of Ravencrest, which instilled in me a love for the Torchbearers ministry that has now led us to Holsby. On our irresponsible days we enjoy about anything related to sports and the outdoors. I particularly enjoy a good soccer game, being on a mountain trail, catching up on a good book at the café, or any type of casual time with friends and family. I also enjoy an occasional blow on the bagpipes when there is an eager ear to hear.

28. July 2017 by Luke Thomas - Bible School Principal
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