EAT RIGHT by Brad Strohm

by Holsby Staff

Imagine a time when you were highly anticipating a night out with a special friend. You picked the restaurant and you were looking forward to putting aside other thoughts or distractions for a moment and enjoying the companionship, atmosphere and good food the night had to offer. Now imagine the disappointment or frustration you must have felt when the waiter was annoyingly talkative and disruptive, and the food came out cold and dry. You come expecting wonderful fellowship with your friend, only for it to be soured by the service of the restaurant. This is a scenario that we would like to avoid here at Holsby.

We in the Holsby kitchen wish that your experience during your stay here would be enhanced by how we serve you.  We don’t want to be a distraction from what you want to focus on. Not only are you expecting great fellowship with friends but a wonderful opportunity to encounter Christ and the amazing food He has to offer. We don’t want you to miss the intimacy with the Lord, which can occur in an environment such as this. We all have come with different stories and experiences, but we are united by the One who is speaking, Jesus the Son of God. It is our hope that whether you are a student or a guest, that you hear the message of Christ and discover the part He wants you to play in His kingdom.

Come and Enjoy whAT ouR kItchen Gives you but enjoy Him all The more!!

30. June 2012 by Holsby Staff
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  1. This morning I made American pancakes following the recipe in our yearbook, I guess it’s my family’s favourite thing I brought home from Sweden.
    It’s always nice to think back at the fellowship and sharing Christ that I could experience in that wood-paneled dining hall.
    Thanks and kudos to the kitchen staff.