Camp Holsby

by Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats

Camp Holsby. The same place, but with a new name! This last year we’ve been going through a bit of a rebranding process in the Camps and Retreats part of the ministry. As part of a push to connect better with both Sweden and the German speaking countries, we are officially launching our new camp website this winter. Please take the chance to surf through the new pages of the website and, of course, to watch our camp video. Above all, spread the word about Camp Holsby! Click on the screenshot below to see the new Camp Holsby website.

Click to visit Camp Holsby website


Links to the Camp Holsby website in all three languages:


Many of you have encountered God via Holsby at some point during the 40 years this center has been in existence. We want to continue to be a Torchbearer center where people meet Jesus and are changed forever. If you’re ever interested in the possibility of bringing a group, either youth or family, don’t hesitate to contact us. We always love having former student and staff led groups come back to Holsby for a camp or retreat. Watch our new Camp Holsby video and share the link with your friends:

As the new calendar year comes upon us, may we remember why we even count the years as we do. As we look back on the celebration of Christ’ birth let us look forward to this new year with Jesus as leader of our lives. Happy New Year from all of us at Camp Holsby!

Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats

About Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats

Aware of it or not, a life with God is something all people deeply desire - the creation meeting its Creator. By God’s grace, as a young adult this longing was fulfilled. I found God waiting for me. My desire is to see people, young and old, satisfy their deepest yearning and come to God. I can tell you a few things about myself. First, I’m a huge fan of my wife Trista, who is the coolest and funniest person ever! She is my gift from God. I have twins Huxley and Hazel with one on the way. Being a papa is a rewarding adventure and it's getting better with every new stage of developement. In addition to this, I can never get enough of sports and adventure. I love playing sports or games that have me running around, getting exercise and having fun with people! I also enjoy hanging out in God’s playground - the great outdoors, lounging with people, playing ‘board’ games, and competing... in anything. On top of this, I love my job here at Holsby! I’m responsible for directing the camps and retreats part of the ministry. I get to go to “work” outside on the ropes course, hang out with youth and adults, teach, go on all kinds of adventures and the list goes on. That’s me!

05. January 2014 by Jonathan Miller - Director of Camps & Retreats
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