Another Holsby “Teebee”!

by Donna Schoon - Support Staff

Our “Teebee” population (a little Torchbearer) is growing! Little Moses Stephens has a baby brother!


NAME:  Samuel Thomas Stephens

DATE:  15 July 2014

TIME:  15:55 

WEIGHT:  4095 grams (about 9 lbs., 1/2 oz.)

LENGTH:  52 cm. (about 21 in.)

PARENTS:  Danny & Manuela Stephens

Baby Samuel is #14 of our little ones who spread so much joy around campus. Having families with small children at the Bible school is also a living testimony of loving family function to the young people who come our way.

The boy Samuel of the Bible had a very early start in knowing about the Lord God. Oh how important it is to share the simple truths of Scripture with one’s children while they are still young. We know this is the goal for Danny and Manuela.

Meanwhile, the boy Samuel … grew in favor with the Lord 

and with the people.

As Samuel grew up, the Lord was with him,

and everything Samuel said proved to be reliable.

1 Samuel 2:26; 3:19

Parental responsibility (and with the Lord being one’s unending Source of wisdom) is to discern the child’s gifting and build on it and encourage it and help it unfold. Our prayer for you, Danny and Manuela, is that God our Father will guide each step you walk together with Samuel and that he will follow the Lord all the days of his life.


Train up a child in the way he should go 

[and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], 

and when he is old he will not depart from it. 

Proverbs 22:6

May God’s richest blessing rest over your family!

Donna Schoon - Support Staff

About Donna Schoon - Support Staff

Being in ministry in and around Holsby for about half of my life has been a true joy and I’ve grown in the process. My role is smaller, but it is still an encouragement to be a part of the whole picture – doing a wee bit of teaching, participating with students in the Österliden outreach and hosting a family group during the school year. Correspondence with Holsby friends around the world, as well as other contacts, keeps my computer going many hours a week – as does keeping our home open to those who want to come. Our family includes 2 children, 5 grands, and 4 great-grands (with one on the way). Wally is my husband, and Psalm 70:4 is our verse.

29. July 2014 by Donna Schoon - Support Staff
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